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APSEI was established in 2006 and it represents the companies and professionals of Fire Safety, Electronic Security and Occupational Safety and Health.
We’re the largest security technical community and we welcome companies and individual professionals of the entire sector value chain, from safety project to its exploration and management.
For over 10 years our work has been reflected in the improvement of the legal and normative regulatory framework and in the increase of the qualification of the companies and competence of the technicians. To this extent we’re partners of the Ministry of Internal Administration, the Ministry of Labor, Solidarity and Social Security and the Ministry of Economy.

We’re also a recognized training entity and sectorial standardization body responsible for the coordination of three Technical Committees. At an european level we’re represented in the following European Confederations: CFPA-Europe (Confederation of Fire Protection Associations Europe) and Euroalarm (Association of European Manufacturers and Installers of Fire and Security Systems).


APSEI carries out the following activities for the accomplishment of its statutory purposes:
  • Institutional intervention with public and private organizations, both national and international, with the objective of promoting a legal and normative framework appropriate to the sector and reflect the collective vision of the members. In addition to the tutelages of the Ministry of Internal Administration and the Ministry of Labor we maintain a regular institutional relationship with the ANPC (National Authority for Civil Protection), ACT (Authority for Working Conditions), PSP (Police), GNR (National Guard), ASAE (Authority for Food Economy and Safety), IPQ (Portuguese Quality Institute), APA (Portuguese Environment Agency), universities, fire brigades, professional associations, insurance companies and others;
  • Technical assistance for associate members through information and clarification on the regulation and standardization applicable to the sectors activity;
  • Promotion of professional training and valorization of the human resources of the sector aiming to increase the technical and management capacity;
  • Streamlining communication channels such as APSEI’s institutional website, Proteger magazine and technical publications that allow the promotion of the Prevention and Safety culture and the evidence of professionalism and quality of the Security sector in Portugal;
  • Planning and holding events, conferences, seminars for information, analysis and debate of the most pressing themes that influence the sector;
  • Cooperation with other similar national and foreign association and other entities in matters of common interest that foster the creation of na environment conductive to the development of the Safety and Security activity.


Due to the different areas of activity of APSEI there are four main activity Nucleus are constituted:

NAPP: Autonomous Nucleus of Passive Protection
Fire resistant doors and glazing; Security doors, gates and grids; Fire compartmentation systems / dampers / seals; Ventilation and natural smoke extraction systems; Structural protection; improvement of the traditional construction materials fire behavior; Safety signaling; Emergency lights.

NAPA: Autonomous Nucleus of Active Protection
First intervention measures: fire extinguishers, hose systems and hose reels, fire marks and hydrants; Extinguishing systems: pumping stations, sprinklers, chemical powder extinction systems, gas and water vapor systems; Transport systems / fire-fighting vehicles.

NASE: Autonomous Nucleus of Electronic Security
Fire detection and alarm systems; Automatic fire detection and  extinguishing systems; Toxic and combustible gas detection and alarm systems; Intrusion detection and access control systems; Anti-theft, metal and weapons detection systems; Video surveillance, remote monitoring and image transmission; Alarm reception and monitoring stations; Emergency lights; Safes, vaults and security cabinets; Home automation; ATM protection systems; Locks and security devices.

NAST: Autonomous Nucleus of Health and Safety at Work
Personal and collective Protection Equipments (PPE and CPE); External health and safety at work services; Measuring equipment.

NAMP: Autonomous Nucleus of Safety in the Transportation of Dangerous Goods
This work group includes professionals interested in the subject of safety in the transport of dangerous goods by road, rail, sea and air, namely safety advisers, professionals related to freight companies, logistics, freight forwarders, chemical industry, petrochemicals management wast, ports, airports, trainers, shipowners, handling companies and others.

APSEI’s Nucleus are specialized technical forums with internal organizational autonomy which assure companies and professionals an active participation and debate on the evolution of the sector.

Associate members can participate in only 1 or in all 4 Nucleus according to their area of interest. The disclosure of legal and technical information is also made by the Nucleus.


Contribute to the recognition of safety and security as fundamental values for the economy and society.
  • Encourage the development of tools to demonstrate the quality and innovation of the safety professional sectors;
  • Contribute for the notoriety and recognition of the strategic nature of the safety professional sector in the society and economy;
  • Continuously collaborate in the construction of a culture of prevention and safety in Portugal that values safety as na investment necessary for the protection of human life, environment and continuity of social and economic activities;
  • Ensure that the safety sectors have a legal and normative framework, both national and european, permanently adequate to the reality of the portuguese market;
  • Constantly monitor the industry to enable proactive action in the face of market trends.